How To Clear Cache On Android Until It’s Clean

Cache is a file created to store current data from an application or website. The main function of the cache is to speed up the loading of a web page or speed up the performance of an application.

With the cache, a browser does not have to re-download data from sites that we used to access so that the loading system will be faster. The same is true for Android apps and games that often store data in their cache to increase their performance.

Although it has many advantages, the presence of a cache also sometimes causes disadvantages. Various cache files are then stored in memory so that more caches are added, then more memory capacity is used.

Although various applications and browsers will automatically clear the cache after a certain period of time, but sometimes there are often problems that make it can’t be deleted automatically. If that’s the case then we have to delete it manually.

Clear Cache On Android Until It’s Clean

How To Clear Cache On Android Until It's Clean

Therefore, this time Cari Signal will discuss various steps to clear cache on Android. Clearing cache will not be risky nor will it delete data from the application. Before going any further, let’s first know what are the advantages of clearing cache:

· Increase storage space in memory. · Improve slow Android performance. · Fixed buggy Android apps, also fixed issues on Play Store. · Displays the display of the latest site pages.

Clearing Cache from One App

Clearing the cache of an application is really suitable if you have an application that is often problematic. Clearing the cache with this step will also not clear the cache of other apps running normally. Here are the steps:

  • 1. Go to Settings > Apps (or the name Application Manager on more than one device).
  • 2. Select the app you want to clear cache. For example in the image below, what will be deleted is the MX Player application.
  • 3. Once open, select storage. Because the one used in this test is Realme, most of the time before going to the cache it will look like the image below.
  • 4. Later will appear how much cache size is owned by the application. Please press the Clear cache button to clear it.
  • 5. Repeat the above steps to clear cache of other apps.

Clear All App Cache

If your Android is slowing down but you don’t know what app is causing it, then you can clear the entire cache of all the apps at once. However, this step can only be done on devices with Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean and above. Here’s how:

  • 1. Open the Settings menu, then select Additonal Settings.
  • 2. Select Storage.
  • 3. After that, select “Clean Storage”, as shown below.
  • 4. Then select “Safe to Clean”.
  • 5. Later you will see an option to clear the cache. There is also an option to delete the APK, as shown in the image below. Then select “Clear”.
  • 6. The cache of all applications has also been deleted.
  • 7. The method and images that are used as such will be slightly different from your Android phone. This is because every Android phone has a different UI for each brand. But basically the same.

Using CCleaner

The next way to clear cache on Android is to take advantage of third-party applications. The application used is the CCleaner application. This app is one of the best when it comes to clearing cache. Moreover, this application has also been popular among Windows PC users.

With this application, you can clear the cache of each application one by one or delete the entire cache with just one click.

CCleaner also has many interesting features besides clearing cache. This app can optimize and clean junk on your phone safely. This application can also clean the download folder, browser history, fill the clipboard, and so on

CCleaner” also has a variety of interesting features like this one.

· Streamline the performance of your Android smartphone or tablet · Easily uninstall unwanted apps. · Optimizing storage space with the storage analysis feature. · Clean up “junk” files that are not reused.

CCleaner can also detect data-draining or battery-draining applications. This app can also track unused apps with features like app manager

Overall, this app is a really complete cache cleaner. This application is also really suitable for use for Android devices with low specifications because it does not require high resources. Interested? Please download the application for free here.

Clear Cache in Chrome for Android

The next tip is to clear the cache in the Google Chrome browser for Android. How to clean very light like this next:

  • 1. Open Chrome and then click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner to display the menu.
  • 2. After the menu opens, select the Settings menu
  • 3. Select the Privacy option found in the Advanced section.
  • 4. In the Privacy section, select the Clear Browsing Data option.
  • 5. Later you will see “Browsing history”, “Cookies plus site data”, and “Cache image plus files”.
  • 6. In the Time range member, you can select the time option. For better cleaning select “All time”.
  • 5. Then select “Clear data” in the lower right corner as shown above.

Clear Cache in Firefox for Android

The last trick is to clear the cache on the Firefox browser for Android. The steps are also not really difficult like this next:

  1. 1. Open Firefox then click the three dots icon in the upper right corner then select “Settings
  2. 3. Look for the “Clear private data” option.
  3. 4. You will see what knowledge will be deleted. If you just want to clear the cache, just check the “Cache” section, the rest are unchecked. But better leave it alone.
  4. 5. After that, select the “Clear Data” option.
  5. 6. Besides deleting manually, you can also delete cache automatically in this Firefox browser. How to select the Privacy option.
  6. 7. After that “Clear private knowledge on exit”.
  7. 8. Check the Cache option then press the Set button, as shown in the image above. After that, Firefox will automatically clear the cache when you close it.

Well, those are the various steps to clear cache on Android that you can try. By clearing the cache, your Android device will improve its performance. For other tips and tricks on how to speed up Android performance, please read this article.

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