How to Easily Display Lyrics on Spotify

Come on! Confess who has not been acquainted with Spotify? If we ever relied on the Walkman or the Winamp application to listen to music, now many people have changed with Spotify.

So, Spotify is a streaming facility or online music that is presented legally or officially. This is because this platform is also a provider of digital copyrights for uploaded songs.

Founded in 2016, Spotify serves millions of music around the world across a wide variety of genres. This Swedish service offers two types of subscriptions, namely free and premium, each type has different facilities.

In the free version, listeners will still see ads, while in the premium version, the following ads can be removed and you can download songs.

Features on Spotify

How to Easily Display Lyrics on Spotify

On the music platform by Daniel EK, Martin Lorentzon, and Maria Giovini Anggasata Saantosa, here are some of the features in it. Curious about the features? The following, Cari Signal will describe one by one the features of Spotify!

1. Create Playlists

One feature that is often found in music facilities is playlists, as well as this feature you can find on Spotify. Through this feature, you can make playlists as you like according to your music preferences.

The playlist itself usually contains a variety of songs that you like or favorite. Then, you can save the following songs and access them often via Spotify. That way, you don’t have to go back to getting or tracking your favorite song that you want to play.

2. Colored Song

Looking for old 2000s songs or Korean songs from the TVXQ era? Like a song bank, you can get songs of all ages through Spotify. Spotify claims that in 2012 this music facility has accommodated more than 20 million song collections from various genres.

Meanwhile, in 2020 Spotify managed to collect 70 million songs, 2.2 million podcasts, and 4 billion playlists, it is not surprising that the source of places on Spotify is very abundant and diverse. Users also just need to track and select the song they want to play automatically Spotify will present the song.

3. Radio Service

As we know this current trend the built-in radio feature has felt removed on some smart phones. However, for those of you who are loyal listeners of the radio, don’t worry, because by installing the Spotify application on your smartphone, radio facilities have been accessible again.

Even the radio facility from Spotify is able to reach broadcasts to popular radio stations around the world. In addition, you are also able to choose the type of music or channel that you like.

4. Connect with Social Media

Another feature that can be tested on Spotify is sharing the music that is playing with friends on social media from Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Line, SMS, Telegram, and many more. You just click the Share menu to share your favorite songs on this streaming music facility.

5. Offline Mode

For those of you premium users of Spotify, there are certain features that this platform offers, namely the presence of an offline mode.

You can mobilize or play music offline, aka without the need to be connected to the internet. Very useful when you run out of quota but still crave chill by listening to songs on Spotify.

How to Show Song Lyrics on Spotify

How to Easily Display Lyrics on Spotify

Meanwhile, for those of you who often sing by looking at song lyrics, you don’t need to worry about this music application, including being able to display song lyrics. Amazingly, this application is able to present covers, short videos, and storylines of the songs being played.

By the way, have you understood the steps to display song lyrics on Spotify? If you don’t know, on this occasion Cari Signal will tell you how to display song lyrics on Spotify. Just take a look at the following discussion:

1. No Third Party Apps

The method is fairly easy to implement and may only require the right range of less than 2 minutes or depending on internet speed. Just follow the steps, okay!

  • The first step you need to do is visit the Play Store. If you don’t have the Spotify application, you should download it here first.
  • It’s different if you have Spotify installed, then make sure your Spotify application is updated to the latest version. · Followed by connecting the latest Spotify application.
  • Choose the wrong song that you want to play.
  • In the music player view, scroll or scroll down the screen.
  • Within seconds you will see the lyrics of the currently playing song.
  • Press the following column to see the whole song lyrics.
  • Voila! Easy isn’t it?

2. Using Third Party Applications (1Lyrics)

As for another method that you can use to display song lyrics made by Spotify, namely by clicking on install a third party application called 1Lyrics. Follow the steps below for more details!

  • First open the Play Store on your smartphone. After that type in the search field 1Lyrics or visit the link here.
  • After you download the application, use it immediately and grant all access to the following applications on your smartphone.
  • Forwarded with visible from the application. Next, open the Spotify application and play your favorite song on Spotify.
  • Then automatically the lyrics of the song playing Spotify will be visible on your smartphone notification page.
  • To see the lyrics in their entirety, you can go to the 1Lyrics application. On the following page, the lyrics of the song that is currently playing will be automatically stored in the 1Lyrics application ecosystem.
  • Keep in mind, if this application has not been synced with Spotify so that to see the next verse of the lyrics you need to scroll yourself or shift the lyrics of the song manually.

3. Visit the Genius Site

If the previous method doesn’t work the way you want, there is another method you can try, namely by visiting the genius site.

Although not integrated and synchronized with Spotify, this site is quite complete in presenting various song lyrics circulating around the world. What are the steps? Just read the explanation below!

  1. · Before you play a song on Spotify, you should first stop at the Genius site. You can connect to the following sites on search engines like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. · After entering the Genius page, go to the search field in the upper left corner.
  2. · Type, the desired song title is searched. · The site will automatically present the lyrics of the song you want. · Followed by connecting the Spotify application and playing the song you want to listen to.
  3. · Then, return to the Genius site to see the lyrics of the currently playing song. · Voila, you are now able to karaoke!

Those were some of the methods that you can implement to view song lyrics when connected to the streaming music facility, Spotify. Which method do you find easy to do or do you have another method? Try to comment in the comments column! So that you don’t miss out on interesting tips about technology, keep following Carisignal, okay!

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