How To Successfully Trade Quotex

How To Successfully Trade Quotex – 1) Open the trade execution window and click the green “Deposit” button at the top right of the tab.

You can deposit the account through your personal account by clicking the “Deposit” button in the account profile.

How To Successfully Trade Quotex

How To Successfully Trade Quotex

2) It is necessary to choose a method for depositing into the account (the company offers many convenient methods available to the customer and shown in his personal account). Select “Visa/Mastercard”.

How To Register Quotex?

How to deposit with perfect money? It is very easy to do. The procedure will take a few minutes.

2) It is necessary to choose a method for depositing into the account (the company offers many convenient methods available to the customer and shown in his personal account). Select “Perfect Currency”.

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2) It is necessary to choose a method for depositing into the account (the company offers many convenient methods available to the customer and shown in his personal account).

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5) Copy and paste your deposit address into the withdrawal platform so you can deposit coins to Quotex.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What is the minimum deposit amount? The advantage of the company’s trading platform is that you do not need to deposit large amounts of money into your account. You can start a business by investing a small amount of money. The minimum deposit is $10.

Are there any fees for depositing or withdrawing money from the account? The company does not charge any fees for deposit or withdrawal operations.

How To Successfully Trade Quotex

However, it should be noted that payment systems may charge their fees and may use internal currency conversion rates.

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Should I deposit to trading platform account and how often should I do it? You need to open a separate account to work with digital options. To complete the actual trade, you need to deposit the amount of the purchased option.

You can start trading without money, but use the company’s training account (demo account). Such an account is free and is designed to demonstrate the functionality of the trading platform. With such an account, you can practice acquiring digital options, understand the basic principles of trading, test different methods and strategies or evaluate your level of insight.

How to Trade Digital Options on Kotex What are Digital Options? An option is a derivative financial instrument based on an underlying asset such as a stock, currency pair, oil, etc.

Digital option – a non-standard option used to profit from the movement of the price of such an asset for a specified period of time.

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The digital option gives a certain income (the difference between the income of the trade and the value of the asset) or a loss (in amount) based on the terms agreed by the parties to the transaction at the time decided by the parties. value of the asset).

Since the digital option is bought in advance at a fixed price, the amount of profit as well as the possible loss is known before the trade is made.

Another aspect of this deal is the deadline. Each option has its own time limit (expiry time or termination time).

How To Successfully Trade Quotex

Regardless of the amount of change in the price of the underlying asset (how much it has gone up or down), there is always a fixed payout for winning an option. Therefore, your risk is limited only by the amount acquired in the option. What are the types of digital options?

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When trading an option, you must choose the underlying asset that is the basis of the option. Your forecast will run on this asset.

Simply put, by buying a digital contract, you are actually betting on the price movement of that underlying asset.

An underlying asset is an “item” whose value is considered in executing a trade. As a basic resource of digital options, the most popular products on the market usually work. There are four types:

There is no such thing as universal basic resources. When you choose it, you can only use your own knowledge, intelligence and various types of analytical data, as well as market analysis of a specific financial instrument. How to trade digital options? 1. Select an asset to trade: currency, commodity, crypto or index

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The percentage of asset side determines its profit. The higher the percentage – the higher your profit in case of success.

Example. If a $10 trade is closed with 80% profit with positive returns, $18 will be credited to your balance. $10 is your investment and $8 is profit.

The profitability of some assets may vary depending on the expiry time of the trade and the market conditions of the day.

How To Successfully Trade Quotex

The expiration time is the time when the trade is considered complete (closed) and the result is automatically added.

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When completing a trade with digital options, you independently determine the time of execution of the transaction (1 minute, 2 hours, month, etc.).

3. Decide how much money you are going to invest. Minimum amount for your trade is $1, maximum – $1000, or equal to your account amount. We recommend starting with small businesses to test the market and get comfortable.

4. Analyze price movements on charts and make your predictions. Select the Up (Green) or Down (Red) options depending on your forecast. If you expect the price to go up, press “Up”, if you think the price will go down, press “Down”.

5. Wait until the trade closes to see if your prediction is correct. If this is the case, your investment amount and the profit from the asset will be added to your balance. If your prediction is wrong – the investment will not return.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What are the possible outcomes of trading? There are three possible outcomes in the digital options market:

1) If your forecast determines the direction of price movement of the underlying asset, you will receive income.

2) At the time of exercise of the option, if your prediction is wrong, you will incur losses limited to the value of the asset (ie, you may lose only your investment).

How To Successfully Trade Quotex

3) If the outcome of the trade is null (the value of the underlying asset has not changed, the option has completed at the price it was purchased), you get your investment back. So your risk level is always limited. But only according to the amount of asset value. What determines the amount of profit? There are several factors that affect your profit margin:

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How to calculate profit for a trade? You don’t need to calculate your own profit.

A characteristic of digital options is a certain amount of profit per transaction, which is calculated as a percentage of the value of the option and does not depend on the amount of changes in this value. Suppose that if the price moves 1 stop in the direction you predicted, you will earn 90% of the value of the option. If the price changes 100 places in the same direction, you will get the same amount.

The result of a digital option is determined immediately upon receipt, so you do not have to wait for an unpleasant surprise in the form of a reduced percentage at the end of the trade.

Your balance will be automatically replenished with this profit amount as soon as the trade is completed. What does digital options trading mean? The truth is that a digital option is the simplest form of derivative financial instrument. To make money in the digital options market, you don’t need to predict the market price an asset will reach.

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The principle of the trading process is reduced to solving only one task – the price of an asset will increase or decrease during the execution of the contract.

The characteristic of such options is that it does not matter to you whether the value of the underlying asset is one hundred points or only from the time the trade is completed until it is closed. It is important for you to determine this price movement.

If your prediction is correct, you will get steady income at any time. Learn how to make money fast in the digital options market? In order to profit from the digital options market, you need to correctly predict which direction the price of the selected asset will go (up or down). So, for a steady income you need:

How To Successfully Trade Quotex

Monitor the market, study available analytical and statistical data while developing strategies as well as exploring diversification options

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