How to Make Vlog Videos on YouTube Easily and Nicely

YouTube is not a new thing among people, especially those who are familiar with the internet widely. YouTube itself accommodates various kinds of videos that attract a lot of people’s attention, it’s not true that vlogs are one of them.

Vlog itself stands for Video Blogging where the content has a short duration. Usually, in the vlog only one host is available in it. The host can tell or mention various topics, such as tips and tricks or a trip to a place.

With the concept that tends to be simple and uncomplicated, that’s why many people think about making a vlog. Not only that, another advantage that vlogs have is that many viewers are enthusiastic about the vlog design so that YouTube viewers are even easier to skyrocket.

However, to make a good YouTube vlog, there are many things that must be considered, especially when it comes to editing videos. With a video editing system, vlog videos can be more interesting and unique, so that the number of viewers increases.

Well, to be able to make vlog videos on YouTube with good quality, this time Cari Signal can add accurate tips so that vlog videos are more interesting and good. Curious? Keep reading our explanation until the end of this article, yes!

How to Make Vlog Videos on YouTube Easily and Nicely

How to Make Vlog Videos on YouTube Easily and Nicely

Before directly recording a video for a vlog, there are more than one thing that must be considered so that the vlog can be more interesting and conceptual. Here are some things you should know how to make a Vlog Video on YouTube.

1. Choose the YouTube Vlog Topic You Want to Create

The first step is of course choosing a topic or video theme. This is an important thing that must be prepared, because with a strong topic, YouTube vlogs are easier to attract viewers.

Well, the way to get ideas in choosing the right topic for a vlog is simple but sometimes quite confusing. First, care about what you love and are good at. For example, if your hobby is tasting food, maybe traveling and culinary topics can be suitable for your vlog.

But, if you are more satisfied with following fashion trends, maybe the topic of beauty and fashion will be a strong pillar for vlogs. The point is, as long as you are satisfied, the vlog topic that is created can be even stronger. Second, watch other people’s YouTube vlogs. By watching other YouTube vlogs, you can bring interesting ideas to life in your head. After that, just pour it into the vlog.

Third, expect opinions from people around. There’s nothing wrong with asking the topic to make a vlog to other people who might have interesting ideas. With new insights from other people, it can spur you on to explore even more unique topics.

2. Prepare YouTube Vlog Support Tools

Just having a topic is not enough. Need supporting equipment in order to produce a vlog that has good quality. At a minimum, you need a camera to record video. It doesn’t have to be an expensive camera, beginners can still rely on an HP camera.

But, if you have more funds, maybe you can buy a camera that fits your needs. Don’t forget to take into account the stabilizer and microphone. Both tools can make videos more stable with clear and clear sound.

3. Improve Video Recording and Editing Skills

Perhaps this is the most challenging point when making a vlog. The ability to record videos in making vlogs must be carefully thought out so that the video results are slick and neat. In addition to video recording, one other supporting skill is video editing.

Without video editing skills, the results of YouTube vlogs can be bland and ordinary. Of course this can be difficult to attract the attention of the audience. So what about beginners who have never done these two things?

Try to study and explore all things about how to record properly and how to edit videos slick in the style of YouTube vlogs. Especially for video editing, try choosing an easy YouTube vlog video editing application and complete tools.

Well, one application that we recommend for editing vlog videos for beginners is iMyFone Filme. To understand more about iMyFone Filme, you can continue with the discussion below, yes.

iMyFone Filme, Video Editor App for Making YouTube Vlogs

As we mentioned earlier, iMyFone Filme is suitable for beginner vloggers who want to edit vlog videos beautifully but with professional results. There are many benefits that can be obtained from this iMyFone Filme, more than one of them are:

1. Abundant Resources

The first point that makes iMyFone Filme so recommended is the availability of abundant sources of power. The point is, iMyFone Filme provides a variety of complete and capable tools to edit YouTube vlogs so that they are more interesting.

In this latest version, iMyFone Filme provides more complete effects and filters, including interesting ones. Not only that, moreover, there are more complete elements, transactions, text, and audio available to insert in the vlog video that you edit.

2. Voice Changer

One of the most interesting things in this video editor application is the presence of the voice changer feature. This is a feature that can make any voice change to any sound more unique and interesting. There is more than one choice of voices that can be replaced, namely robots, monsters, minions, transformers, chipmunks, to astronauts!

What’s more, you can also adjust the volume according to your needs. There are included fade in and fade out features to adjust the volume of the sound that appears and enters. With the presence of this feature, of course, it can add a unique atmosphere to the YouTube vlog.

3. Basic Editing

Another feature available in this application is basic editing. In this feature, video editors can use various tools easily. The function of this basic editing is to carry out import, merge, crop, split, slow motion, and many more.

Even though it’s more geared towards beginners, Filme can handle producing videos like a pro. The reason is that here includes available tools for cuttrim, rotate, adjust speed, make picture-in-picture effects, and others. To use this tool, just click on each icon.

Another advantage offered by iMyFone Filme is the presence of screen recording tools. Then, it is available including a one click feature to choose a background music template. That way, you don’t have to bother tracking down the templates one by one. Not to forget, Filme includes adding features so that it can import edits using wireless devices and QR Code scanning.

If you’re done editing and are willing to share your edited video to other platforms, just click once and choose the platform, for example Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Vimeo. But before that, you can add effects and filters. Don’t forget to insert a personal watermark in the video, okay?

4. Supports Various Formats

How about the format? Don’t worry, iMyFone Filme provides many compatible video formats, for example: .3g2 .3gp .3gp2 .3gpp .amv .asf .avi .bik .divx .dv .f4v .flv .gvi .gxf .m1v .m2v .mod . m2t .m2ts .m4v .mkv .mov .mp4 .mp4v .mpe .mpeg .mpeg1 .mpeg2 .mpeg4 .mpg, and many more,

Oh yes, here includes helping more than one image format that is quite capable, such as .bmp .png .jpg .tif .jpeg .tiff. Very complete and suitable for use by vloggers!

Even more interesting, this application can be used for free! But if you are willing to use Filme for the long term with more complete features, you can subscribe directly to iMyFone Filme.

iMyFone Filme Exclusive Offer!

With so many extras offered by the Filme application, of course it invites the desire for vloggers to taste the power of this application. Well, if you become fit and want to use this application, there is an attractive offer where you can get a 3 month license and disc. 70% of Film.

How to? It’s really easy, you just have to share about the Filme page with the #Filmewithme tag. Then, write down your email address, and all things about this Giveaway can be informed via the e-mail listed. Interesting, right? Come on, join right away! Directly click this link.

That was the discussion about how to make a vlog on YouTube and the iMyFone Filme application. As a vlogger, video editing is one of the most important things to produce interesting videos. Well, iMyFone Filme is what can help you in producing quality vlogs. So what are you waiting for? Come on, optimize YouTube vlogs with the gift of iMyFone Filme!

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