7 Recommended Game Download Portals For PC Gamers 2022

Talking about games, various popular platforms are used, ranging from handhelds, consoles, and PCs. Each offers benefits that other gaming devices don’t.

For PC gamers, you must be familiar with Steam, a game download portal that claims to have more than 100 million active users.

In this game download portal, PC gamers can add and update their game collection digitally.

7 Recommended Game Download Portals For PC Gamers 2022

What are the game download portals you need to know as a PC gamer? This is a brief review.

Recommended Game Download Portals For PC Gamers

1. Steam: the most popular gaming portal

Claiming to have a user base of up to 100 million, Steam is the best choice for anyone looking for game updates, be it DLC games or newly released AAA caliber games. According to Steam, there are at least 30,000 PC game titles that you can buy through the portal.

Some interesting game titles that you can buy are DOTA 2, CS: GO, Football Manager.

Through a client called Steam, you can access all game collections that you have purchased, either by credit card or with digital currency in the form of a Steam wallet that you can buy as a coupon at Bukalapak.

2. EA Origin: with an exclusive collection of games produced by Electronic Arts

EA Origin is known as a competitor to Steam which has a user base of 30 million according to data published on the Engadget website in 2012, and continues to grow day by day. While functionally offering game updates on portals like Steam, something is a little different with EA Origin.

What sets EA Origin apart from Steam is that its game collection is filled with titles produced by Electronic Arts, which you can’t find on Steam. You can only choose games like Battlefield EA Origin, FIFA, Mass Effect, The Sims series.

However, EA has started releasing some interesting game titles on Steam.

3. GOG (Good Old Games) – DRM-free (Digital Rights Management) Own games

For those unfamiliar with DRM, it is a digital protection system for virtual products that aims to prevent irresponsible distribution, so that users cannot copy virtual products, in this case games, to give to anyone.

Good Old Games, known as GOG, offers DRM-free games. This game portal was founded by CD Projekt RED who is also the creator of the AAA caliber game series titled The Witcher.

On GOG you own the game completely, you can share your game collection with whoever you want because it’s not restricted by DRM.

4. Xbox Store: Integration with PC and Xbox

If you have a PC and an Xbox, this gaming portal can be a great addition to your video game library.

Xbox Store, also created by Microsoft, can integrate your Windows PC and Xbox into a single client.

This gaming portal also offers an exclusive collection of game studio productions under Microsoft that can only be found on the Xbox Store, such as the Forza series, HALO, Gears of Wars, State of Decay and many more.

5. Itch.io – Huge collection of interesting indie games for you to try

Launched in March 2013, Itch.io is an indie game portal that you can try. If you have completed all the AAA caliber games, indie games can be an alternative game after college or work.

According to IGN data, Itch.io had a collection of 3,327 indie games in 2014. Itch.io has client software that helps you organize your PC game collection in a compact portal with a simple interface.

6. Epic Game, not just Fortnite

You may have often heard the name Epic Game. Yes, this is the official place to download the Fortnite game.

However, you can buy and download PC games through Epic Games! The games featured on the Epic Game Store consist of AAA as well as indie games.

Some interesting titles that you can buy from Epic Game are Tony Hawk’s Hitman, ShowRunner, and Pro Skater 1 + 2.

7. Rockstar Games – GTA Warehouse

While you can purchase Rockstar games via Steam, you can also purchase them through the official Rockstar website or digital store.

Rockstar itself is known as the creator of the popular GTA game and many other interesting titles, such as Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne.

So, of the 7 PC game download portals, which one are you currently using or have you ever used?

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