10 Ways To Strengthen WiFi Signals on Laptops and Routers

In this day and age WiFi is not something foreign to our ears. Almost in various areas we can easily get hotspots that provide free or paid internet facilities. Unfortunately, sometimes we need to be aware of how to strengthen the WiFi signal because not all hotspots in our country have a good network.

In addition to the poor WiFi network, internet speed in Indonesia is really slow. Yes, “Indonesia is one of the lowest ranked countries in ASEAN in terms of internet access speed.

It is an irony that a nation as big as Indonesia is inferior to neighboring countries such as Myanmar, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, especially Laos.

10 Ways To Strengthen WiFi Signals on Laptops and Routers

Ways To Strengthen WiFi Signals on Laptops and Routers

Therefore, this time Cari Signal will discuss various easy tips and tricks to strengthen signal reception from WiFi networks. This method can be applied to laptops, PCs, to Android smartphones and tablets.

1. Use the latest WiFi technology

The first and most efficient way is to replace the wireless card in your laptop or PC with the latest technology. As we know, wireless technology is growing day by day and currently there are five types of technology available, namely Wireless A, B, G, N, and AC.

Wireless A, B, and G technology is an old technology whose speed is still slow. While Wireless N and AC are the latest and fastest in the speed factor. So from that, unless the router used is already using wireless N and AC technology, then use a wireless card with both technologies included for maximum speed.

2. Find the right position

WiFi signals use air as a medium for propagation. Hence, the less obstructions between your device and the router, the better the signal will be. In addition, being in a position close to the router will also have a better signal reception impact.

But sometimes a position close to the router will not help strengthen the signal unless there are really many obstacles around. Because a variety of solid objects can hold and reflect the sign so that it becomes irregular. So from that, look for the right position to get the strongest mark because as the saying goes “€œposition determines achievement”€.

3. Keep it away from other electronic devices

Not only other routers can interfere with signal quality, but more than one other electronic device such as a microwave can also be the cause. To deal with this you can keep the various electronic devices away from the router. In addition, you can also use a dual band router so that you can move the frequency easily.

4. Use an empty channel

If there are many people in your area who use a WiFi router, then it could be that you are on the same channel as the router so that the signal quality decreases. So from that, choose an empty WiFi channel or one with few users so that signal problems don’t occur. You can use the inSSIDer application to do this trick.

5. Use a good security process

If you have a fast internet package but it’s always slow when accessed via WiFi, it could be someone else breaking into your WiFi connection. Therefore, use a good security process on your WiFi network. The best encryption system so far is WPA2. Use including a unique password so that it is not easily guessed by hackers.

6. Control bandwidth consuming apps

If you are not alone using a WiFi connection, then it could be another user that is causing the connection to be slow. Accessing video streaming facilities, playing online games, or downloading torrents files are a few of the causes of slow connections.

To deal with this problem, you can adjust the Quality of Service or QoS on the router to control bandwidth usage. In this way, you can prioritize one facility over another to avoid excessive bandwidth usage.

7. Use DDWRT firmware

Another efficient way to strengthen WiFi signals is to use the DDWRT firmware application. The application can be used to hack routers so that the signal transmitter strength becomes even higher.

As quoted from Lifehacker.com, although it is quite risky for the router but at least you can increase it to 70 mW. That way, the range from your router sign will increase to more than double. In addition, this application includes providing various security options for your router.

8. Using old cans

As mentioned above, signs have the characteristics of propagating in the air to make them easy to be constrained or change direction. So, so that the sign can only point to an area, you can use an old can to get around this.
The material that will be used is only used soda cans or something else.

The trick, cut the bottom and top of the can so that it leaves more than one centimeter. Then, cut the sides in the can to separate them.

After that, expand the inside of the can that has been cut in half and place the can between the router splitters. This trick can also be used to strengthen the GSM and CDMA modem marks by placing them near the modem. In addition to cans, you can also use other objects such as used pots and aluminum foil.

9. Use “WiFi repeater

As the name implies, a repeater is a device to receive a WiFi signal and then transmit it again with a stronger signal. So from that unless in your area the WiFi signal reception is really bad, use a repeater to fix it.

WiFi repeaters are devices that are quite good for use in areas that have a lot of barriers or walls. You can buy a new repeater or turn your old, unused router into a repeater.

10. Reboot regularly

Just like smartphones and PCs, routers also often experience problems if they are used for a long time. Therefore, reboot or restart the router regularly so that the condition becomes fresh again and ready to use without problems. You can use the DDWRT firmware application to reboot automatically at certain times.

The ten ways above are the easiest ways to strengthen the WiFi signal on your laptop and router. One thing that needs to be emphasized, the tips and tricks above are only to strengthen the WiFi signal and not to speed up the internet connection.

Because no matter how good the WiFi sign you receive, the connection will always be slow if you use a slow internet package. So from that, use a fast internet package so that the connection is more reliable. You can also read the tricks to speed up Speedy internet connection in this article.

In addition to the ten ways above, do you bring other ways to strengthen the WiFi signal that are quite effective? If you have, please share your experience with us in the discussion column below. Good luck!

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