10 Tips For Buying A Good GoPro Camera

One of the cameras that is currently popular in Indonesia is the GoPro camera. GoPro is included in the action camera category, which is a camera that is often used for various outdoor purposes such as hiking, surfing, cycling, and others.

GoPro itself is actually one of the brands of the action camera. However, GoPro is the producer that releases the most action cameras today, so many people call action cameras as GoPro cameras.

Well, for those of you who are interested in buying the camera, on this occasion Carisignal will discuss some important tips that you must pay attention to.

10 Tips For Buying A Good GoPro Camera

Tips For Buying A Good GoPro Camera

That way, you can buy a good GoPro camera that’s right for your needs.

1. Get to know the GoPro Camera Function

An action camera or GoPro camera is a camera that has a small size, light weight, and is able to produce high-quality photos and videos in various conditions. Action cameras also have a wide angle so that they can capture panoramic objects well.

The action camera is protected with a casing that is too strong so it will not be easily damaged if it is bumped or exposed to water. In addition, this camera is also usually equipped with a stand so that it can be placed on various objects such as surfboards, helmets, clothes, and others.

Because of these advantages, GoPro cameras are widely used for extreme activities or sports. This camera is quite simple because it is usually only equipped with three buttons, namely power, record, and settings.

Because of their small size, usually action cameras are only enhanced with a small LCD screen to show information and connect settings. However, there are also several cameras that are equipped with large screens for viewing videos like those found on the Garmin VIRB Elite HD Camera.

2. Get to know the Field of View

Each action camera has a fixed wide-angle lens with a focal length ranging from 17mm to 20mm. These lenses are usually able to produce a field of view so from 140 degrees to 170 degrees depending on the size of the sensor used.

The breadth of the field of view triggers the action camera to be able to capture images just like the sight of the human eye. The breadth of the angle can also create a fisheye effect or fisheye effect on the resulting photo or video.

Many people are too satisfied with the fish eye effect, but not a few who do not quite like it. To accommodate these differences in tastes, some action camera manufacturers usually provide certain applications to carry out editing and dispel the fish-eye effect.

Some action cameras also provide settings to capture images in narrower angles. With this feature, there will be no more distorted places at each end of the resulting image.

3. Determine the Recording Duration

The next element that you must pay attention to when choosing a good GoPro camera is the battery capability. Yes, you must be aware of how long the camera can record video continuously so that your activities can be captured perfectly.

This is also very necessary because replacing action camera batteries is usually more complicated and moreover, we cannot replace it ourselves. Therefore you can not at will to replace the battery like when you use a regular digital camera.

In addition to the capacity, you also have to pay attention to other factors that affect the battery life. For example, recording videos with 4K resolution will use the battery much faster than HD resolution.

4. Determine the Strength

Although all action cameras are made for outdoor purposes, they do not have the same capabilities. Therefore you must determine which camera is too suitable for the activity you are going to do.

Most action cameras are equipped with an additional casing so that they can be used underwater. One example is the GoPro HERO4 camera which can be used for activities in water to a depth of about 40 meters.

However, currently there are not a few action cameras that can be used in water without an additional casing. For example, the iON Air Pro 3 camera can be used up to a depth of 15 meters, the GoPro HERO4 Session up to 10 meters, and the Garmin VIRB Elite up to 1 meter.

If you are doing activities that involve dust and including vibration, make sure you also choose a camera that has been enhanced with a case that can take care of both. In addition, make sure the maximum temperature that the camera can tolerate is calculated.

5. Determine the Video Quality

Next, determine the quality of the video you want to get from the action camera you buy. Currently, most action cameras are capable of recording video with Full HD 1080p resolution, but there are also high-end cameras that can record 4K resolution.

In addition to the resolution, look at the calculated frame rate supported by the camera. The average action camera is currently capable of recording video with a frame rate of 24fps to 60fps. In addition, there are also those that can record slow motion videos at frame rates of 120fps and 240fps.

Finally, look at the video format used by the camera. Currently, the MP4 video format is the format that is widely used by action camera manufacturers such as GoPro, Sony, Garmin, iON, and others.

The MP4 format is too popular because it can produce high-quality video with a file size that is not too large. In addition, MP4 videos can also be easily uploaded to YouTube and other online facilities without having to be converted first.

6. Where to put it?

In general, action cameras can be placed anywhere, such as on surf boards, helmets, bicycles, drones, pets, and others. All you need is to find an accessory or a stand that can place it in these places well.

But remember, not all kinds of accessories are available for every type of action camera. Therefore, make sure you buy an action camera that has the accessories needed to help with the activities you do.

Action cameras made by GoPro usually have a much wider selection of accessories than other brands. However, other manufacturers also usually have action cameras that are made specifically for certain activities.

For example, the iON Air Pro 3 camera has a bullet-like shape that is too suitable to be placed on a helmet for cyclists. While the action camera made by Sony has an image stabilization feature that can dampen vibrations too well.

7. Determine the Supporting Features

The last thing that you must pay attention to is the additional features. For example, currently many action cameras are equipped with WiFi features. This feature will make it easier for you to send videos or control the camera via Android and iOS smartphones.

Pay attention to the number of memory cards you use in the camera. If you have a plan to record high-resolution video, then choose a memory card that has a high write speed. The reason, this matter is too influential on the quality of the resulting video.

8. Choose a battery that lasts a long time

Tips for buying a good GoPro camera is to determine the battery that lasts the longest. As an action camera, you definitely need a GoPro that can be used in the long term, right? If battery capacity is not one of your considerations, then the GoPro Hero 5 Black is the most suitable action camera for you.

In other GoPro series, the Hero 5 Black brings a larger battery capacity, which is 1,220 mAh. Of course, this camera can last longer than the GoPro Hero 4 or Hero 3 which has a smaller battery capacity.

9. Adjust to the budget

Just like when buying a smartphone, you must have realized that the longer the GoPro series, the higher the price. Right now, the good and expensive GoPro camera series is the Hero 6 Black. If your budget is sufficient, there’s nothing wrong with buying a GoPro Hero 6 Black which costs around 5 million.

However, if your funds are limited, there’s nothing wrong with buying the first GoPro Hero series, which costs only 2 million rupiah. Even though the first series, GoPro Hero has provided a 5MP camera, video resolution of 1920x1080p @ 30 FPS, and the durability of the camera that can be carried in water to a depth of 40 meters.

10. Needs or lifestyle?

GoPro is not a cheap type of camera. When compared to the camera phone of the caliber of the iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the GoPro camera is actually nothing. Basically, GoPro is an action camera to fulfill documentation needs in extreme places. So, if you don’t really need this camera, you should care about it again before buying.

If you only need an action camera once in a while, just buy a less expensive action camera like the Xiaomi Yi or rent a GoPro for rent. The reason is, if you only need a camera to take photos in ordinary places, then you can rely on your smartphone camera.

So, those are the various tips and strategies that you must pay attention to when you want to buy an action camera or a good GoPro camera. If there are other tips that we haven’t conveyed above, please share them with us in the comments column below.

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