5 Tips for Creating Interesting Social Media Posts To Go Viral

Most smartphone users cannot be separated from the world of social media (social media). Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are some of the social media platforms that are being used by people all over the world.

Many people are competing to make interesting social media posts so that they can become trending or at least get a lot of impressions from other social media users.

Unfortunately, there are still a few people who want to go viral on social media by using less commendable methods, such as making vulgar posts that cause controversy to having prank plans that harm others. In fact, there are still many steps to make positive posts that are interesting so that they can go viral, you know.

5 Tips for Creating Interesting Social Media Posts To Go Viral

Tips for Creating Interesting Social Media Posts To Go Viral

Well, unless you want to create interesting social media posts without making a fuss, there are several steps you can take. Come on, take a look at a number of tips that Carisignal can share.

1. Think of Interesting Objects to Make a Post

Social media, especially Instagram, now allows users to upload content in the form of photos and videos. If you need to upload a video with a duration of more than 60 seconds, Instagram also provides IGTV. With the many choices of content styles provided, you are free to upload whatever content style you want.

One thing you have to pay attention to in order to create posts that can attract other people’s impressions, which is to create content (either photos or videos) along with objects that are certainly interesting. This definition of “€˜attractive”€™ can be in the form of beauty, uniqueness, or something rare that makes people interested in liking and sharing your content with other relatives.

So, make sure the object of your post is interesting, OK! Don’t worry about being different, because unless you can, you actually have to make original posts that don’t copy other people’s content.

2. Maximize Your Smartphone’s Camera Capabilities

“€œIf you want to make interesting posts, do you have to have an expensive camera?”€ The answer is no. The smartphone that you are currently using can also be used to make cool posts. Especially if you use the Samsung Galaxy A21 or Galaxy A31, the front and rear cameras of these two phones are not inferior to the cameras on high-end phones that cost 10 million and above.

Both Samsung phones at affordable prices both have 4 rear cameras. Here are the camera specifications offered by the Samsung Galaxy A21 and Galaxy A31:

-Samsung Galaxy A31-

Rear camera:

48 MP, f2.0, 26mm (wide), 12.0″, 0.8″µm, PDAF 8 MP, f2.2, 123˚, (ultrawide), 14.0″, 1.12″µm 5 MP, f2.4, (macro) · 5 MP, f2.4, (depth)

Front camera:

· 20 MP, f2.2, (wide)

-Samsung Galaxy A21-

Rear camera:

· 16 MP, f1.8, (wide), 13.06″, 1.0″µm, PDAF · 8 MP, f2.2, (ultrawide), 14.0”, 1.12″µm · 2 MP, f2.4, (macro) · 2 MP, f2.4, (depth)

Front camera:

· 13 MP, f2.0, (wide)

With the camera specifications offered, the Samsung Galaxy A21 and Galaxy A31 can help all your needs to create content for social media. So, you don’t have to re-buy expensive cameras to create interesting content!

3. Use Modern Features (Wide Angle, Bokeh, and Macro)

The fun of having a Samsung Galaxy A21 or Galaxy A31 smartphone is that it contains contemporary features that make your content look cooler. One feature that you can rely on is wide angle, a feature that allows you to produce photos with a wider angle of view.

Not only wide angle, you can also try the bokeh feature, which is really a hit among social media users. For those of you who don’t know, bokeh is a feature that produces photos that focus on one object, while other places (especially behind the object) are blurred.

Not to forget, the Samsung Galaxy A21 and Galaxy A31 also offer macro cameras that can also produce interesting photos. The function of this macro camera lens is to shoot from a close distance so as to produce a higher focus detail.

Wow, the Samsung Galaxy A21 and Galaxy A31 are two cheap phones but they can support you in making interesting social media posts, here!

4. Cultivate Creativity together with Various Modes

Not everyone understands that their smartphone can be used to create beautiful content or posts. They don’t really believe in the quality of their cellphone cameras and tend to choose to buy professional cameras at exorbitant prices.

If you already have a Samsung Galaxy A21 or Galaxy A31, you have to understand that except with the smartphone camera, you can hone your creativity with various modes, you know.

Yes, this smartphone camera provides Pro Mode, Panorama, especially Slow Motion camera modes. These camera modes can make content interesting and not boring.

5. Choose a Theme or Matching Color

This one is a tip for those of you who want to concentrate on making interesting posts on Instagram social media. In order for your feed to look beautiful in the eyes of others, choose a matching theme and color. Examples of themes that can be chosen are traveling, food plus culinary, artist, make up, or fashion. If you have decided on a theme, try to always be consistent with that theme.

In addition to the theme, the color game also has an effect, you know. Choose a matching color so that your feed is eye-catching. The key is to determine one important color that is always present in your photo composition. Remember, the colors are just the same, not the exact same color, huh!

To make interesting posts sometimes also need an Instagrammable place. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to be careful and careful when we want to visit a place. Those of you who use the Samsung Galaxy A21 or Galaxy A31 don’t have to worry about this case. The reason is, the two smartphones have been added together with the C-Safe application.

The C-Safe application can help users understand the development of information about Covid-19 in the place where the user is located. This application provides additional information in the form of the risk level of the place to be visited, the nearest referral hospital, and Covid-19 test providers. You can be more careful unless you want to stop by somewhere during a pandemic like this.

Not only will it help you find a place with minimal risk of Covid-19 transmission, C-Safe can also remind you to clean your hands regularly.

Those are tips that you can use to produce interesting social media posts that go viral. Make sure you use the right camera so that the photos or videos you make are also of high quality, yes!

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