Tips for Safe Shopping on Online Buying and Selling Sites

Buying and selling online seems to have started to become a new lifestyle for the people of the country lately. Every day the quantity of online stores is increasing, ranging from small to large. In addition, advertisements for large online stores such as Tokobagus (now OLX), Berniaga, Elevania, and others always adorn the screen every day.

Shopping on an online shop website is actually fun. We don’t have to bother going to the store because we just have to choose a product catalog and then pay for it via credit card or transfer from a debit card. After that, we just have to wait for the next item to arrive within a day or two.

Tips for Safe Shopping on Online Buying and Selling Sites

Tips for Safe Shopping on Online Buying and Selling Sites

Unfortunately, even though it offers many conveniences, there is a serious threat that is very dangerous for consumers, namely fraud. Yes, there are many fraudulent modes on the internet that use the guise of buying and selling online. Until now, many people have been harmed by the actions of these fraudsters.

For more than one person it may be easy enough to understand the types of fraud in cyberspace so that they can avoid it. However, for more than one Indonesian who is not used to buying and selling on the internet, the next thing is quite difficult to know.

Therefore, this time Cari Signal will explore more than one tips and steps to stay away from fraudulent modes in buying and selling online. These tips and steps will include various things that need to be considered when making transactions, be it transaction tools, sellers, and others.

Types of Online Buying and Selling Sites

Before discussing further, it is better if we understand in advance the types of buying and selling websites available on the internet. Broadly speaking, buying and selling websites can then be divided into two types, namely websites that sell goods immediately to consumers and websites that provide “lapak”€™ for sellers to sell their goods to consumers.

Examples of websites that immediately sell goods to consumers include Lazada, Bhinneka, Elevania, Amazon, and others. While websites that act as intermediaries between sellers and consumers include Kaskus, Tokobagus (OLX), Berniaga, and others.

Sites that sell goods directly to consumers are generally safer, especially for large sites. But you always need to be careful especially for small sites that are not very widely known.

Install Anti Virus on Computer

Before making a buying and selling transaction, the first thing to consider is the device to connect to the online store. If you are connecting from a PC or smartphone, make sure the next device has an anti-virus, anti-malware or anti-phishing application installed.

This is very important because many viruses and malware nowadays like to take your private data. What they steal is not only your password and login information, but also your credit card number or internet banking information.

Choose a Trusted Online Shop

The next step is to have an online store that is trusted and has a good reputation in the eyes of its consumers. Take your time to track the next online store information on the internet, be it on forums or social media.

Also pay attention to the rules and policies of the next online store so that you are not harmed later in the day. For example, whether the online store can then replace the purchased item if it is damaged or does not match the product description.

Most importantly, never write down your private information in the online store, such as ATM PIN, internet banking password, and others. If there is an online store that asks for this, it can be ascertained that it is a fraud mode.

Product Conditions and Prices

When choosing a product, pay close attention to the description of the product, whether the next product is new, used, officially guaranteed, or through the black market. Ask for original photos of the next product to ensure that there are no defects, especially for electronic or clothing products, such as laptops, Korean clothes, and others.

Also pay attention to the price of the next product because many are selling it at a price that is much more expensive or less expensive than the market price. Do a comparison first and never be tempted by a product that is very inexpensive because it is probably a scam.

Don’t also trust sellers who do the mode of selling electronic goods from Batam at very cheap prices, such as Android phones, second iPhones, and others. Although not all of them, but most of them are scammers because the goods they sell are very much less expensive than the original product.

Payment method

The safest way of payment is to do COD (cash on delivery). If your house is close to the seller’s area, then choose the type This payment is because you can also see the atmosphere of the item, especially unless you buy expensive items such as used cars, motorbikes, and others.

If you do COD, it is highly recommended not to go alone and choose a busy transaction area. The reason is that at this time there have been many robbery problems that take advantage of the transaction mode of selling and buying goods by COD.

If your area and the seller are far apart, then the safest way is to take advantage of a type of joint account service (rekber). This service is generally found in Kaskus and will save money from the consumer before he will receive the goods sent by the seller.

Meanwhile, unless you are forced to make payments immediately via transfer to the seller’s account, then make sure the next seller has a good reputation. Look at testimonials from consumers and never transfer money before you will be very sure of the reputation of the next seller, especially for goods transactions above a nominal value of Rp. 100 thousand.

Online stores that are very trusted generally include the account number along with the name of the owner of the next account on their website. Write down the next account number so that it can be used as evidence unless a fraud occurs later that day.

For websites that accept credit card payments, it would be better unless you make further payments via credit card facilities such as PayPal and others. Never enter credit card information unless there is something questionable on the online store’s payment page.

After making payments with the various methods above, keep the proof of subsequent payments properly. This aims to make warranty claims and others unless the item purchased is damaged or does not match expectations.

Delivery of goods

If you do not make a payment with COD, then of course the goods will be sent via a delivery service. Choose a shipping service that is trusted and don’t be easily tempted by very cheap shipping costs.

If the item sent is lightly broken or damaged, ask the seller to wrap it with a wooden box, Styrofoam, and other protective materials. Ask the seller for the delivery receipt number so you can monitor the delivery process.

That’s more than a simple way to stay away from scams when you’re making transactions to buy and sell online. Although there are always loopholes for committing crimes, at least you have minimized the potential for these crimes. Do you have any other tips for avoiding scams when buying online?

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