10 Tips for Shooting with a Good Android Camera

Not having a DSLR camera or action camera is not a barrier for you to be able to take pictures and get good photos.

Today, there are many smartphones that are equipped with cameras that have quality and are able to produce photos that are not inferior to digital cameras or DSLRs. You just have to do a few tricks so that the photos from the Android camera look better.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a digital camera or DSLR. The reason is, Cari Signal will provide tips on taking pictures with an Android camera to produce the perfect photo.

10 Tips for Shooting with a Good Android Camera

Tips for Shooting with a Good Android Camera

In fact, you can even upload the photos directly to social media from your smartphone.

1. Clean Android Camera Lens

Without you realizing it, sometimes sweaty hands touch the main camera lens of your smartphone. Well, did you know that oil or sweat on your hands can leave tiny stains on your lenses? The first tips for shooting with the Android camera recommend that you clean the camera lens of your Android phone first before using it.

Clean the lens along with a tissue or your shirt. The reason is, unless it is not cleaned, the photos will look blurry because they are covered with oil or dust. Cleaning the lens is one part of how to protect the camera on your phone.

2. Take advantage of the Touch-to-Capture and Volume Shutter features

When it comes to taking selfies, you may find it a bit of a hassle when you have to press a special button. Therefore, take advantage of the touch-to-capture feature because with this feature you can take selfie photos when touching all parts of the smartphone screen.

In addition to this feature, there are also smartphones that are equipped with the power to turn the volume button into a shutter. So, when you want to take a selfie you just have to press the volume button on your phone. These features will definitely make it easier for you to take selfies. The reason is, if you have trouble pressing the original shutter button, then the risk of your cellphone falling is also greater.

3. Don’t Miss Shooting Together with Quick Launch

Have you ever experienced a situation where you have to quickly shoot objects that pass together, but you still bother looking through the camera menu on your phone? To solve this problem, the Quick Launch feature was created on almost some smartphones. Quick Launch is a shortcut to open an application, including the camera menu.

On some Samsung phones, Quick Launch to open the camera is a double-tap on the home button. While on Asus Zenfone Selfie you can immediately draw the letter “€˜S”€™ even though the phone screen is off. Take advantage of Quick Launch on your phone to open shared cameras faster.

4. Shoot Through Landscape

Maybe you’ve become accustomed to the 16:9 format when taking pictures via a cell phone camera. However, have you ever heard that the photos appear normal and don’t seem special? In tips for shooting with an Android camera this time, Cari signal wants to invite you to shoot landscape images.

Some objects may look interesting in portrait shots. However, occasionally you can shoot photos of these objects in landscape, far away. Come on, try shooting landscapes together by using a smartphone camera!

5. Avoid Using Flash

In almost most smart phones there is a flash (flash). However, try not to use flash too often. In fact, on a DSLR caliber camera, the flash is only used in an emergency situation. The reason is, each photo will certainly appear better with more natural light. Maybe the presence of a flash can be a helper when we want to take pictures of objects in the dark.

However, be aware that because the location of the lens and flash are very close together, this can have an adverse effect on the results of the photo. If natural light isn’t enough to brighten your photos, increase the exposure (EV) and ISO values ​​on your phone’s camera. However, keep in mind that increasing the ISO can result in a lot of noise in the resulting photo.

6. Don’t Use Digital Zoom

It’s a common secret that the digital zoom feature on a cell phone camera actually worsens the photos. Unless your phone’s camera has optical zoom, in which case the camera lens will appear protruding from your device, like the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

The reason is, the use of digital zoom will only narrow the editing options for the photos. Preferably, the photo is taken at a normal distance, without having to zoom in, then crop the part of the photo object that you want to enlarge.

7. Rule of Thirds

The “rule of thirds” is a simple tactic in the world of photography, but it is very interesting to make photos appear more powerful. In this rule of thirds the position of the object must be placed parallel to the horizontal or vertical path. In other words, our eyes will be drawn to an image that is divided into three parts, where the subject is at the center of the photo.

To produce photos like this, take advantage of the two horizontal and vertical grids when taking photos with your phone. The subject of the photo must be located at one of the four intersections of these lines theoretically.

8. Use HDR Mode

HDR” is a mode found on most Android smartphone cameras and its function is to take photos of stationary objects. High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode ensures that lighting and shadows in the photo are exposed evenly.

This HDR mode is very useful for photos with high contrast. In this tip for shooting with an Android camera, HDR mode requires two or more images from different exposures at the same time. You can combine two of the best photos in one photo.

9. Use Post-Processing Filters

Many people take it for granted that filters are capable of beautifying photos. However, for those of you who want to persevere in real photography with an Android phone camera, then you can take advantage of all the available filters, ranging from retro, black-and-white, sephia, and many more.

Most modern smartphones nowadays are equipped with various filters that can make the photos more characterful. However, if you don’t like the default filters on your phone’s camera, try downloading Pixlr on your smartphone.

10. Reflective Sunglasses Trick

If you have glasses with a reflective coating on the glass lenses, use this to capture perspective in your photos. The light source should always be reflected off the lens to help you capture more of the scene in your perspective.

Trust me, a reflection in the lenses of sunglasses will create a photo with a cool perspective. Dare to try these reflective trip glasses with your phone camera?

Here are 10 tips for taking photos with an Android camera from Carisignal. From now on, take advantage of your phone’s camera to take better photos. Remember, not having a digital camera, DSLR, or action camera doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take great photos. Come on, take your Android smartphone and immediately follow the tips from Carisignal above.

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