Want to Live on TikTok? This is an easy way to do it

At the beginning of its appearance, social facilities became a place for users to share photos and videos which meant it was necessary for account owners.

Then, the social facility platform provides editing features with various filters, effects and stickers as well as other interesting things to cause social facility users to be more comfortable being creative with their photos and videos.

Over time social media provided other features through which users could interact more closely. This feature is known as live streaming.

Want to Live on TikTok? This is an easy way to do it

Want to Live on TikTok? This is an easy way to do it

Almost all social facilities now carry live features. This has probably become the most popular feature now. One of them is the live feature on TikTok. What’s so interesting about this live feature and how do you go live on TikTok? Here’s the explanation.

The Fun of Live Streaming TikTok

Live streaming is a professional broadcast practice that provides viewers with video and audio in real time on the internet. This one feature is increasingly popular in the professional world because it can be used as a means of promoting businesses and organizations and of course entertainment.

Live streaming becomes more personal and closer as if there is no distance between the viewer and the person doing the live streaming, when in fact you are far apart. This broadcast feature brings efficient impact in a wider context, such as for promotions, broadcasting online classes, etc.

Because of its wide and extraordinary impact, the live streaming feature has become ogled by various companies. It aims to increase and maximize direct communication with their customers and other community partners regardless of geographic boundaries.

Another excitement that comes from this live feature is its convenience and practicality. This is an advantage whether it is the party who broadcasts the broadcast or the audience.

How come? To hold an event using the live feature, all you have to prepare is qualified audio equipment, relevant video concepts, a stable internet connection and of course the TikTok account. Everything else is optional. You can provide it if you need it, if you don’t serve it, it’s okay.

Well, the most important thing is that live streaming cannot be disturbed by advertisements that can distract the viewer’s focus and of course interrupt the excitement of the viewing that is served. Well, you can get all of that in the live TikTok feature.

In addition to challenge video content, magic tricks and other creative videos, TikTok live streaming is one of the most visited and used features by users.

TikTok Live Terms

Maybe you are wondering why there is no live button in your TikTok account? Don’t be surprised. The reason is that on TikTok not all users can actually broadcast.

Unlike other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube that allow all users to broadcast live, TikTok carries several conditions for broadcasting live, among which users must bring at least 1,000 followers.

Although the minimum age limit of a person who can cause a TikTok account is 13 years, but to be able to broadcast, a user must be at least 16 years old.

So, even if you’ve brought over 1,000 followers but you’re still under 16, you can’t broadcast live forever. But if you are over 18 years old, viewers can send gifts that you can convert into money.

How to Live TikTok

Want to Live on TikTok? This is an easy way to do it

Although TikTok carries certain conditions so that a user can do TikTok, fortunately the way to do live broadcasts is not difficult. If you have matched the terms and conditions made by the Chinese platform, you can directly interact with your followers via the live feature.

Live broadcasting on TikTok is as easy as the snap of a finger. With just a few taps on the screen, you can show anything on this platform. Well, follow this advice how to live on TikTok:

· Run the TikTok app on your phone, iPad or whatever device is convenient for you. · On the main TikTok page, tap the and (+) button at the bottom center of the screen. · After that can exit the video recording page. Swipe the menu on the recording page available under the Go Live TikTok button. · If you scroll the page to the far right member, you can find the Live menu. · After that, you can give captions, give effects like facial smoothing, unique and funny filters and the things you need to make your live broadcasts attract a lot of viewers. · You can also use additional lighting to present a better depiction. Because lighting is an important thing in the process of taking photos and videos. So, don’t forget about this. · After all the preparations are complete, you can start broadcasting on TikTok.

When you start a live, your followers can get a notification that you are doing a live broadcast so they can watch your broadcast without missing out.

However, if you don’t get notifications every time a user goes live, you can activate the broadcast notification feature so you don’t miss broadcasts from people you follow.

How to Overcome Can’t Live TikTok

Oh yes, don’t be surprised if you find the live button on TikTok still not out in your account even though you have reached 1,000 followers. This is a common case. Just wait a few days, the live button will definitely appear.

But if the obstacle is still not resolved within a few days, you can try changing the settings on your TikTok account while reporting the obstacle to TikTok. Here’s how:

· Login to your TikTok account. · Open the Profile page, then tap the Three Dots icon available in the upper right corner of the application. · After that, you can be redirected to the settings page. Scroll the menu to the bottom and select Report a Problem. · Next, go to the LivePaymentsReward option. · Finally, specify the Live Host menu > I Can’t Start Live.

TikTok Live Tips

Regarding the case that the live button does not appear on TikTok accounts that have complied with some of the conditions set by TikTok, there are actually several aspects that occur. For example, the Go Live feature on the TikTok platform is in the testing phase.

Therefore, this feature is not actually available to all users. In order to use this feature, you must use the latest version of the application. Because every update that is released, is always accompanied by improvements and adding the latest features.

TikTok recently did a filter on the use of words. There are some words that are prohibited from being used for their live broadcast. The forbidden words include follow, bff, fan, donate, drama queen and duet. Try to avoid those words.

And if you don’t see the live button on your TikTok account screen, it could be that your device is doing some audio recording because the live option may disappear when you’re recording.

To fix this, you can press the and (+) button located at the bottom of the screen. After that can exit the Video button. This button is next to the Go Live button.

We think that there is sufficient information about how to live on TikTok and some things related to the live streaming feature. Oh yes, you should know that the terms and conditions for doing live broadcasts on TikTok are not standard. In the sense that each country imposes different terms and conditions in each country.

So, do you want to do a live broadcast on TikTok? Make sure you have met some of the requirements set by TikTok that apply in Indonesia. Don’t forget to prepare interesting concepts and content to be presented to viewers in order to reach many viewers. May be useful.

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