5 Ways to Take Care of an iPhone to Be Durable and Always Perform Well

The dynamics of cellphone innovation really can’t be dammed. From time to time, there are new findings that trigger us to be amazed. Therefore, for gadget maniacs, this triggers them to always be thirsty for updates, not only updating their knowledge, but also updating their products.

But not everyone thinks the same. There are also people who are loyal to certain products. For example, iPhone users. When they already like this brand, no matter how sophisticated the cellphone product that is released, they are not interested.

They are adamant about their choice. Even if their cellphones or iPhones fall into the old school category, the iPhone XR, for example.

5 Ways to Take Care of an iPhone to Be Durable and Always Perform Well

Ways to Take Care of an iPhone to Be Durable and Always Perform Well

Are you one of those who are loyal to your old iPhone? The following are tips that you need to do in caring for your cellphone so that it is forever durable and performs well.

1. Always Pay Attention to the Battery Section

The battery is an important part of the cellphone. Not only making iPhones, but also other cellphones. If not cared for properly, the battery can be damaged quickly and run out quickly and only used for ordinary things. Especially for an old cellphone. Coupled with a careless tradition, the battery can be damaged more quickly.

Using the original charger is the first battery care tips. If the default charger is damaged, use another original charger. Never use fake chargers or different brands. It understands can cause damage to your cellphone battery. also with the battery.

If you want to replace it, buy the original. Ah yes, don’t charge your cellphone overnight either. Charge the battery when you are on the move during the day, so that it is fully charged, you immediately unplug it. Charging the battery also do not wait until it is too discharged. When level 20% only, you already need to fill it.

2. Use a quality case

Ordinary cellphones or iPhones can be better maintained if you use a case. Because this can prevent the cellphone from cracks and scratches that you don’t want. Now for this, always use a quality case, which is made from quality materials.

3. Use a Screen Protector

The screen definitely plays an important role for a cellphone. There is more than one type of cellphone or iPhone that already uses a protector. However, more than one type, available for those who have not used it. To be durable and not cause malfunction, wear a screen protector. For example, Gorilla glass or tempered glass.

4. Enable Assistive Touch

For iPhone users, make sure you enable Assistive Touch or hotkeys. Its function is so that the load of the home button becomes lighter, so it doesn’t get damaged quickly. When this button is activated, the shortcut will appear later. Now this shortcut key can minimize damage to the home button or volume.

5. Never Jailbreak

If you hear news that jailbreak can speed up iPhone performance, you don’t have to listen to it, let alone do it. Because this can trigger your iPhone to break quickly. Take it easy, Apple created the iPhone with too thorough and qualified. Jailbreak can actually trigger your iPhone warranty to be lost.

Those are the tips that you need to keep in mind forever in caring for your iPhone so that it lasts forever and performs well. Even if the iPhone you are using is an old school type.

iPhone XR advantages

Are you one of those people who are looking for an old iPhone? Maybe iPhone XR can be your choice. Even though it has been released for a long time, this iPhone also has many advantages. Here are more than one of them.

1. Have a Cool Body and Screen

Many admit, the iPhone XR has a premium and impressive design. The body is thin, made of glass, equipped with a 7000 series aluminum frame. Coupled with colors such as black, yellow, red, coral, and blue, this iPhone is too beautiful.

That’s the body, when the screen specifications start with a resolution of 828 x 1792 pixels with a ratio of 19.5: 9. The size itself is 6.1 inches. Guaranteed to make you satisfied.

2. Have Steady Speed ​​and Performance

The iPhone XR is also famous for its solid performance and speed. This works because the iPhone XR carries the Apple A12 Bionic chipset whose process technology is 7 nm. The CPU is a ten-core processor, and the Apple graphics GPU is four-core.

3. Have a Large Internal Memory

Do you like to store large files? iPhone XR is right for you, because it stops by offering a choice of 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB of internal memory. As for the RAM, it’s all the same, which is 3 GB.

4. Impressive Main Camera

Those of you who like to take pictures will love this iPhone XR, because it has a pretty capable main camera. Namely, 12 MP with an aperture of 1.8f and a 26mm lens. Apple embeds other supporting technologies to make the picture even better. These technologies include OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus).

5. iPhone XR is Water and Dust Resistant

This smart phone is equipped with IP67 certification. This means that it is dust and water resistant to a depth of approximately 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Well that’s an overkill for the iPhone XR. How about it, even though it’s already in the old school category because it was released in 2019, this cellphone is still too tempting, right? Yes, he has a lot of excess that other cellphones don’t have. If you’re interested in the iPhone XR, head over to Blibli. There are a lot of offers for this phone out there. Just like shopping for other necessities, shopping for iPhones at Blibli is similarly comfortable and safe. The goods are guaranteed authentic. Let’s go shopping!

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